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The objective of the "Zing" game (sometimes called "Pishti") is to achieve particular number of points (101, 201 or 501) depending on game type started. Players drop cards in turns and if someone drops a card over the card of the same number (not sign) he takes all the cards from the table. If there is only one card on the table at that time, it's called a "zing". Jack takes all cards from the table. If someone made zing of jacks (jack over the jack), that's called a "double zing".


- Load/Save games in every point of game
- Extended highscore table: best winner score, worst looser score, shortest game and longest game
- Custom animation speed
- Cheat mode :) (previously used for debuging of the game)
- Standard deck backgrounds
- Simple, easy to use interface (you can use keys 1, 2, 3, 4 on your keyboard, too)
- Multilingual interface

Download (3.383 KB)



Zing+ program listing updated on softsland.com  : 5 Stars Award at softsland.com !


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